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We have expanded the stands reaching a capacity of 35 thousand spectators, but here the tickets will fly away in a moment.” The poems about baseball BATTI POEMS AND RUN – It is not a cliché.

We have expanded the stands reaching a capacity of 35 thousand spectators, but here the tickets will fly away in a moment.” The poems about baseball BATTI POEMS AND RUN – It is not a cliché.

By In News On April 12, 2019

With two bomber able to break the bank of the road becomes derby encouraging. Nicola Berardino

November 8, 2018 – Milan Benelli TRK It was definitely the market phenomenon of the year, driven by sales of TRK502 and the Lion Cub. Benelli back to EICMA in great form, with six new models and concept. LE 250 – With TRK251 and Benelli Leoncino 250 extends down the range of two lucky models. Both share the single cylinder engine of 250 cc and 24.5 hp, while maintaining the setting of the original motion (a crossover TRK, a naked with classic cues the Leoncino).

Benelli also announces that the two models will also be available with engine 125 during 2019. YEARS 40 – With the Imperial 400 instead Benelli plays with lovers of vintage motorcycle, with a model that in the forms and technical solutions (such as the engine vertical cylinder and split seat and cushioned spring) reminds motorcycles of 40.

Years dragster – the House Pesaro then launches the 502C, a dragster (which closely resembles the Diavel Ducati) with engine with twin-cylinder engine 47.6 hp and also drivable with A2 license. Finally It evolves with a few modifications the naked 302S with twin-cylinder engine from 38 hp. CONCEPT – Sena announce Benelli then presented at EICMA the large version of the Lion Cub.

The Leoncino 800 concept is a completely new bike that uses the same engine mounted on parallel twin 752S, capable of 77 hp. In all probability, in a year we will see the final version. Alessandro Pastore

January 16, 2018 – Milan The No. arrived late at night, during a telephone conversation exchanged between Cristiano Guintoli and Simone Verdi. Bologna striker told the sports director of the Naples reasons for the refusal to his offer: not if it is felt to leave the Emilian club where he is a true leader to start the new venture without the certainty of being able to play with continuity . The player will explain the reasons for her not even in the press conference this morning.

He does not take it well Guintoli, in the coming hours will try to verify the availability of Deulofeu, willing to leave Barcelona and to get back into the game with Maurizio Sarri. In the last hours, the sporting director has opened a new deal, with PSG for Lucas Moura, left field that so far has added a few appearances in Paris. Market, Bologna: Simone Verdi, M. Malfitano quality goals

November 27, 2018 – FUKUSHIMA (Japan) Organizing the Olympics without baseball and softball here would be blasphemy. So Tokyo, thanks to temporarily disciplines included in the program in 2020 will have its beat and run tournaments, the most popular sport in Japan due to its “takyu” version, with some regulatory differences compared to international standards.

No expense spared – This morning, the International Federation led by the Italian Riccardo Fraccari, carried out the inspection at the Olympic site which will host the most important phases, the Yokohama Stadium. “All perfect. Since the facility will host both tournaments, the mound will disappear thanks to an electronic device during the softball games, “says Fraccari here in Tokyo for the meeting of national Olympic committees.

The restructuring of the DeNA Bay Stars house has cost 85 million euro, in a structure that was already at the forefront. “We have expanded the stands reaching a capacity of 35 thousand spectators, but here the tickets will fly away in a moment.” The poems about baseball BATTI POEMS AND RUN – It is not a cliché. And to understand it does not have to go to Yokohama or in the legendary Tokyo http://1xbet.footballresultstoday.org/ Dome, home Giants, the most popular franchise of the capital (the professional league is organized into two divisions with a long regular season).

Just a Sunday drive in Ueno Park, one of the hearts of the city buttons. Here, between the famous statue of samurai with the dog, the zoo and the Rubens and Vermeer exhibitions, there is a diamond in the flesh. The baseball field and ‘protected by a cage high.

In the morning it’s up to the children, then there’s the master: there is never a moment’s peace. Near the entrance there is a stele that remembers a personality (no English, the explanation is only a Japanese). We use the help of a grandfather and a grandson. The grandfather “called”, the grandson translates.

We learn that the field is not entitled to a great baseball player, but a poet Masaoka Shiki, who was the inspiration dint of hit and run in the park. Small Japanese with bats and gloves pre-Olympic IN ITALY – The baseball here is unbeatable with its school championship live on television and 80 million of fees paid to the International Federation for the exclusive “Twelve”, the Olympic tournament that will award the last pass for the Games.

In baseball and softball in the qualification it is paradoxically the most difficult of the same Olympic tournament … the European tournament could be organized in September of 2019 between Parma and Bologna (for baseball, softball you should go in July in the Netherlands). The seats for the Olympics are only five plus Japan, which organizes: a high mountain to climb. In Japan, baseball led him little less than the Americans 150 years ago. Today the federation has about 160 thousand players.

A view of PARIS NO stage L.A YES ‘- Baseball is a piece of Tokyo identity card. Coming from Narita, you meet a huge expanse under a viaduct where you play long games for kids of all ages. In short, the world of baseball here will feel at home in two years.

To then go out again from the Games in Paris, where the “window” for the sports chosen by the organizers is smaller, without forgetting that France does not have a great tradition. “But in Los Angeles in 2028 – ensures Fraccari – will return. And to stay. ” From our correspondent Valerio Piccioni

January 26, 2019 – Milan The joy of football players of Lecce. LaPresse The 21st day of Serie B, which opened yesterday with the victory of Crotone in the house of Foggia, Palermo gives the surprising fall of leaders in the home of the Cremonese. Wins for Citadel and Perugia that reappeared in play-off zone.

In the postponement of Saturday 18, the bell Lecce triumphs in the ground in the house of Salerno. Salernitana-Lecce 1-2 (18 hours) – At Arechi Stadium, the Lecce returns to fly after two consecutive draws and takes the third place in momentary -3 behind leaders Palermo. Salernitana, in the first minutes of the game, it does not seem to be fallen in the field, and the Giallorossi took advantage immediately took the lead already at 3 ‘with a left-footed from the edge of Mancosu.

The amaranth do not wake up and Lecce doubles to 20 ‘: brilliant invention of new signing Tachtsidis who finds Palombi in space, face to face with Micai striker made no mistake and exults in the stadium which until a year ago was his. In the second half, Lecce check without problems but 70 ‘comes the blaze Salernitana that puts everything into question. Jallow breaks through from the right side, put in the middle and on the rebound Andre Anderson and quite ready to stress the network.

For hosts not just the heart, the Giallorossi can resist while gaining important three points. Cremona-Palermo 2-0 – At Zini Cremonese wins a thick success against the first in the standings. Part better Palermo holding the ball in the game, but failed to break through the wall grigiorosso. At a distance, the hosts put his head out and they show up in a continuous attack.

At 40 ‘Little goes a step away from the goal with a beautiful play that engages Brignoli. In the third minute of the first half then comes the recovery network Cremonese. Corner of cut than usual Small, Claiton prolongs the trajectory and Arini is quite ready to stow away the empty net head.

In the second half, the grigiorossi close ranks and resist attacks from Palermo. At 69 ‘comes the cold shower for men to Stellone, with homemade doubled. The defense rosanero ball away, on the edge of Best arrives to halt the chest and punt finding a super goal in the intersection. With this defeat, the Palermo risks losing the lead in the standings, if the Brescia were to beat him tomorrow Spezia. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV citadel-carpi 3-1 – The Citadel rises and finds the win after 7 matches dry.

First time balanced between the two teams, with the hosts who create something more and Carpi trying to hit in the restart.

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